19 July, 2024
10 Important Tips To Succeed In Truck Rental Business!
10 Important Tips To Succeed In Truck Rental Business!

If your business or livelihood is either manufacturing or supplying goods then you have to accept that without trucks you are virtually useless. You have to hire a truck every day to get the goods to the destination. Delivering goods on time and in the right place is an important issue so truck dealers play a huge role in the development of the country. The more their skills increase, the more we will benefit. If you want to be a successful truck dealer, you need to know the following 10 tips.

1. Keep the truck's documents up-to-date: The following documents must be kept with the truck at all times while traveling on the road - Registration Certificate, Fitness Certificate, Tax Token, Motor Insurance Certificate, Route Permit, Driving License. Papers other than the registration certificate have a specific validity which is very important to note.

Except for the registration certificate and driving license, the validity of the rest is not more than 01 year. To update these you will need to visit several offices including registration, fitness, route permit and driving license at the local BRTA office. In case of tax token, you can get it only by going to the specified bank and depositing the prescribed amount from the government.

There is no obligation for the insurance certificate, you just have to go to the company that does the motor insurance. The amount of money depends on what type of motor insurance you will get. Be sure to bring with you any other certificate that carries the truck's engine number and chassis number, be it a tax token or a fitness certificate.

The first reason to talk about truck paperwork is that you can't operate a truck on the road without it. If the police can catch you with a debt failure paper, it will be costly for you to pay the fine, especially under the Road Safety Act 2016, the amount of this fine is unimaginable for a truck owner.

For example, if any vehicle is seized without a registration certificate, a fine of Rs 50,000 and six months imprisonment for non-payment will be given. So, keep a close eye on when any paper expires and update it in time.

2. The right size truck and color: Everyone involved in the transportation business knows that big trucks in Bangladesh are not fully built. Engine and chassis are imported. The importer then completes the rest of the work in the designated or local workshop such as body making, dyeing etc.

Small trucks are 1 ton or one and a half ton sized cars come complete but some changes are needed to run on the roads of Bangladesh. While preparing the body of the truck, it is essential to follow some rules given by the government. For example, a 15 ton capacity truck cannot be more than 22 feet in length and 08 feet on the side.

If you do not follow this rule, you may have to pay a fine at different times. In some cases, the body of your truck may be cut off if you are detained in a mobile court. There may also be lawsuits against you for extra railings, illegal bumpers.

The color of your car is decided when you file. Commercial and private trucks vary in color to maintain order on the road, and you will be told how many colors to use. You have to keep these issues in mind as there are separate sections and penalties in the Road Safety Act 2018.

3. Pay attention to the engine of the truck: We understand the work of the engine as a major repair of the truck because a large amount of money is spent here. If the performance of the engine is not right, there is a possibility of damage at every step. Lubricants, filters, air filters need to be replaced from time to time to maintain the engine.

It is important to check that the level of the engine oil is correct, because the older the engine, the less effective the lubricant inside, so the replacement rate should be increased. For example, once the mobil is replaced, the truck travels 10,000 km, but if the engine is old, it must be replaced after 6,000 km. You have to make sure that the black smoke is coming out of the truck. If you see the color of the wash turning white, you have to assume that it is time to change the ring-piston of the engine.

4. Pay attention to the tires of the truck: We understand the tires to mean business and wheels when the wheels of the truck turn. The more the truck runs, the more the tires will wear out. When a tire is purchased, the manufacturer gives a guarantee, warranty, or how many kilometers it will take, but it really depends on the condition of the road.

Prolonged driving on bad roads reduces the life of the tire rapidly and after a while it bursts in the middle of the road and the cargo cannot reach on time. In this case you can turn the tires back and forth to drive the worn out tires for a few more days. For example, you can open one of the two rear wheels one by one and add two new tires at the rear.

Those who travel long distances and if the time is summer, you can wet the tires with water so that the tires do not get hot and burst due to excessive friction with the road. It is important to make sure that the air pressure in the tires is right because the higher the pressure, the more the truck will shake and the lower the tire loss. It is possible to avoid unwanted delays by checking whether the tire pin is inserted or the tire is swollen at each stop.

5. Understand the carrying capacity of a truck: Depending on the type of truck, there is a limit to how much load it can carry. There are many times when the truck hire or the shipper requests to carry the maximum load or carry more than the maximum limit and the truck owners take these trips for a little more fare which is not good for the truck.

This can result in rapid tire wear, reduced engine power, and weakened chassis. Also with extra weight you will not be able to cross many bridges. For example, if you cross the Meghna Bridge, the maximum weight of your truck will not be more than 22 tons.

6. Are your truck lights on? No one can walk in the dark without light. How can a truck run there. Accidents are just a matter of time, especially at night or during fog, when there is not enough light to drive the truck. Due to the long running, the light of the headlights decreases and in many cases due to the problem in the electrical wiring, the light also decreases.

As Bangladesh is not a cold country, we do not have to worry about fog and most of the trucks do not have fog lights. Winter is actually the time for conscious truck owners to buy fog lights. You should also make sure that the tail lights of the truck are OK, otherwise the rear truck will not understand whether you want to go left or right. Whenever you change the front or rear lights, change them as a pair. In addition to the regular headlight lens, the brightness should be taken care of. Then you will be saved from unwanted accidents.

7. Make sure that the brakes of the truck are correct: It is not a difficult thing to increase the speed of the truck, it only increases when you put pressure on the accelerator but it is a good driver's quality to control the brakes in place. But if the brakes do not work properly then there is no benefit. So before going on the road, you have to see if the braking system is OK. Truck braking systems vary from truck to truck. But there are some parts like brake pads, pins, bush, if these are changed regularly, then the braking system stays good. Regular greasing is also important.

8. Understanding Truck Driver Selection: Whether you can do truck business or go bankrupt depends entirely on the person driving the truck. If the driver is good and experienced then the wheel of profit of your business will turn. Finding a good driver in the truck business in Bangladesh is identified as the main obstacle. A driver has to do a lot more than just drive a truck.

The following are important things to keep in mind when choosing a truck driver: Check whether the driving license is genuine, know the traffic law, have good eyesight, have an accident history, have an idea about truck parts, have good driving experience with your brand of truck Whether there is history.

9. Keep track of where the truck is: Many truck owners can't sleep at night just thinking about whether their truck is on the right road or where the shipment is now. Annoying the driver by phone for a while was an old story of this industry. 90 percent of the problem is solved by installing Global Positioning System or GPS by spending a little money without getting tense.

GPS lets you know the location of your truck, how much fuel is in the truck, and how many tons of goods have been loaded. You get leverage to grow your business faster because your truck driver can't tell you wrong about his position. If you sit somewhere for a long time without any reason, you will understand that there is a problem that you do not want to know. The shipment will reach the destination more quickly and the number of trips will increase.

10. How to get a truck trip: The future of your truck business depends on your truck trip or the ability to hire as needed. Even if you are sitting at the truck stand due to lack of trip, you will have to pay the installment and driver's salary at the end of the month. Truck owners usually keep in touch with transport agencies and addressless middlemen, leaving a large portion of the profits to them. So truck traders are frustrated with the crisis. But there is a solution to this crisis.

At present the situation is slowly changing. The truck business is also going digital and the app will play a leading role in this regard. You have to be a little smart for this - that means you have to have a smartphone and have an internet connection. You need to download the app from Google Play Store.

You can easily register by submitting the required documents through the app. The Truck Needs app will show you all the trips you have at the moment according to the size of your car and will actually send notifications of any new trips. You can tell in the app how much money you are interested in taking the trip. If it is difficult to understand, you can find out the solution by calling 09636000245.

If you use the app regularly, there will be no shortage of trips and maybe then you can think of giving a trip as well as buying a new truck. After reading this article I hope you understand what to do if you want to succeed in the truck business. The truck business, like any other business, requires experience as well as patience because anything can happen once the truck is on the road. Here are 10 tips to get your truck business moving fast.

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Welcome to www.Luckyideabd.com This is the first time the world has seen a free webpage for business idea. We are working on the connection of your job and passion Build up your prosperous future according to your endeavour. ability and fondness Chose your own focus.