17 September, 2019
Lucky business idea
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Welcome to www.luckyideabd.com. This is the first time the world has seen a free webpage for business ideas. We are working on the connection of your job and passion. Build up your prosperous future according to your endeavour, ability and fondness. Chose your own focus. Do Business, Be Your Boss

About Us

The government is working ceaselessly to ensure education for all. But hardly there is an initiative to create jobs for all these educated people. Unemployment is growing mathematically. Moving here and there for a job the young generation is sinking into frustration. Many of them have the talent, also have will, but they do not know the way. These labor hours are being wasted into a social crime. Peace in family is also ruining. Everybody wants freedom but there is no way out. We, www.luckyideabd.com, would like to show you a way to freedom. You are welcome to our world. We are opening a door of huge prospect for you. Give your effort and earn money. Don’t disrespect your power and rather become your own boss. Find a comfortable place for you in the working life, which will not only bring the economic emancipation for you, but will give you immense pleasure also. Every people in the world have different need, choice and taste. You chose something which is close to your dream. Work hard to turn your dream into a reality. We know you will be the best person in your sector. You could have started this a year ago. May be you missed the chance for some reasons, but don’t waste your time anymore. Find an idea for you from our www.luckyideabd.com. We are always with you. To take your idea from us you don’t need to pay us anything. We don’t want to count your feeling for us in financial value. Rather your smiling face will be our compensation.

Here at www.luckyideabd.com we tried to present some business ideas that can help one change the course of his life. One can easily transform these ideas into a viable business as they are developed in a pragmatic way, supported by some feasibility studies with information collected by our own research team from the field level.

We tried to develop ideas that are applicable in a society like the one in Bangladesh, where a large part of population still earns less than $1 a day. It is not always easy for people to mobilize enough capital to start any ambitious business. So we were looking for ideas of profitable business which can be done with little investment and without serious risk. We tried to put the reality into context, considered the technologies that are available in our kind of societies while developing a business idea.

We are aware that online media are awash with hundreds of ideas. But these ideas are the pure outcomes of our own research. If there is anything similar to any journal, book or research paper they are beyond our knowledge. We are not here to hurt anyone but help people set their own vision, make a life for himself instead of helping others making money.

Here only a synopsis of an idea was given. The details can be available upon request. We can also provide consultancy service conditionally and some practical demonstration also can be available. Here we have given a tentative budget but it is not final. One can invest according to his own ability.

However, one must abide by the law of land where he wants to make the business and take the permission of his respective government. The law may vary from country to country. This is a new world full of work.

We are open to welcome new ideas and correct our ideas if there are any mistakes. We want you to give us suggestions. We can always accept them provided they conform to our policy. Opinions are also welcome.

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