13 December, 2019
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Koel bird

Investment : 10000 Taka To 50000Taka
Profits :

A good breed Koel lays around 250 to 300 eggs a year and baby Koel will be produced from almost every egg. Baby Koel can be sold just after six to seven weeks of hatching. Farmers can earn around Tk 2 lakh to Tk 3 lakh a year excluding all expenditures from a firm of 50 to 60 Koel.

Benefits :

Raising Koel is low costly. Rearing Koel is low risky as Koel is less susceptible to disease.

How to do:

It is easy to rear the Koel in cage of length of 130cm to 150 cm, width of 60cm to 100cm and height of 25cm to 40cm. Around 60 to100 Koel birds can be accommodated in such a cage. The cages need very small space while one cage can be set up on the top of another one. Growers should provide food and water to the birds inside the cages, and the cages are needed to keep always dry and clean.

Marketing :

Farmers can sell Koel eggs and baby Koels at wholesale markets. Koels are popular diet for patience.

Ability :

Training on Koel rearing is essential.

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