17 September, 2019
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Plastic Helmet Manufacturing Industry

Investment : 100000 Taka To 500000Taka
Profits :

Manufacturing one helmet could cost from Tk. 300 to Tk. 800.  One helmet can be sold from Tk 700 to Tk 1500.

How to do:

Usually this industry is machine dependent. It can be manufactured in hand lay up process.  Plastic should be made into pieces according to the shape of helmet.  After cutting the plastic through machine, gel-cutting should be added to make it shining.  The manufacturing process will be complete once glass fiber is added on the front side of the helmet.

Marketing :

Motorbike drivers are the main buyer of helmet. Nowadays bicycle drivers are also getting encouraged to use helmet. The present government passed a law making the use of helmet mandatory not only for motorbike driver but also for his co-rider. It can be sold at shop, workshop and automobile showroom. 


Ability :

No special quality is required. Since it is machine dependent industry, skilled, trained workers can be employed.  Workers are available for this industry.

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