22 March, 2019
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A kind of device with which balance of all mobile operators can be loa

Investment : 5000000 Taka To 0Taka
Profits :

Selling each machine of balance load Tk 5-7 thousand can be made. On the other hand selling machine, which make things free from formalin, Tk 4-5 thousand can be made

Benefits :

Neither of these two products is available in Bangladesh market.  So if it can be started early one can quickly capture the market.

How to do:

In the display of device the name and logo each operator will be seen.  Here there is a multi modem where one can put together the SIM cards of all mobile operators. This is why recharge-man does not need more than one mobile phone. The tally book for maintaining accounts is not needed as well. Even if there are 10 SIM cards, balance of each card can be displayed separately or together.  Who was given how much recharge that is also can be displayed. There are also multiple uses of this machine like recharge with debit or credit card, archiving etc. On the other hand in the machine to keep things free from formalin when food is placed and the switch is on it will come out formalin free.  

Marketing :

Both the machines will be highly acceptable in our country

Ability :

Skilled people will be needed to use the device

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