22 March, 2019
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Indigo used in cloth

Profits :

From Tk three lakh to Tk five lakh can be made in one season

Benefits :

Apart from indigo, indigo tree also can be sold. Cows and goats do not consume indigo leaves, so it takes little labor.

How to do:

Indigo plants have to be planed after plowing the land.  Once the tree gets big the leaves have to be collected. These leaves are kept wet in drum water for 12-15 hours. When the water takes light green color it is shifted to another drum. After 30 minutes when it is shaken huge foams are seen.  The water with foams is then placed in a thin cloth for filtration. After 10 to 12 hours when all water is sifted some substances are seen in the cloth. Theses substances are collected with a spoon. They are made dry for two to three days in sunlight to make indigo.

Marketing :

Textile and thread mills are the principal customer of this business. Indigo tree can be sold in local market as fuel

Ability :

Training about Indigo cultivation is necessary. 

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