22 March, 2019
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All human being have to go to diagnostic centre to take medical servic

Investment : 5000000 Taka To 50000000Taka
Profits :

From Tk 30,000 to Tk 10 lakh can be made monthly

Benefits :

Barring operational costs no other expenses involved after initial investment

How to do:

After obtaining necessary papers the preparation of setting up the center has to be started. Ultrasonograpy machine, ECG, MRI, X-ray machine are essential for diagnostic center. Apart from machineries eight to 10 well decorated chambers have to be made for doctors and consultants. Well experienced people have to be appointed for pathology department. Other machine operators also have to be appointed as well. There has to be a separate sitting arrangement for patients.

Marketing :

People of all classes will be its customer. Business will go well close to any hospital or doctor chamber.

Ability :

Skilled pathologists and consultants are supplementary to this business.

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