22 March, 2019
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During holidays people gather at the picnic spots to spend their leisu

Investment : 500000 Taka To 2000000Taka
Profits :

From a picnic spot with all modern facilities monthly Tk one lakh to five lakh can be made

Benefits :

Apart from some maintenance cost there is no further cost involved after initial investment

How to do:

Selecting a place is very important for a picnic spot. A place outside Dhaka with good communications has to be selected before obtaining necessary papers and start the business. The place should be decorated with trees, sculptures and different toys. To entertain visitors alongside different arrangement there could be a pond and boat. There has to be different type of animals in mini zoos.  Above all the security of the visitors has to be ensured. To add more visitors some advertisements have to be given in local television and radio channels

Marketing :

Any one can be the client of this business. School, college and different offices rent picnic spot on different occasions.

Ability :

No special quality is required

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