22 March, 2019
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Because of cleaning dirt daily in residential area this is a profitabl

Investment : 50000 Taka To 100000Taka
Profits :

Profit can be made in two ways in this business - firstly charging household a monthly fee for cleaning and secondly, filling low-lying land with collected filth. After deducting all costs monthly Tk 20,000 to Tk 30,000 can be made.

How to do:

Selecting a residential area a monthly agreement has to be made with the owner of each household. A man has to be sent in a certain period for collecting dirt. If there is an agreement with 300 households, three vans should be enough. Before starting the business a place has to be selected where the dirt will be dumped. If an agreement can be made with the owner of a low land some additional income will come.

Marketing :

Residents of residential areas will be its customer

Ability :

No special quality is required. 

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