22 March, 2019
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Investment : 3000000 Taka To 10000000Taka
Profits :

Manufacturing 1000 bricks cost Tk 4000 to Tk 4, 2000. They are sold at Tk 7000 to Tk 7,500. Around 50,000 to 80,000 bricks can be manufactured in a season.

How to do:

The place where brick are manufactured is called brickfield. Normally in farming land, where soil is suitable for making brick, brickfields are set up. Firstly clay and water are mixed to make dough.  This dough is placed in wooden mould to give the brick a shape. The brick is taken out from mould to dry up in the sun. Once dried up they are placed in chimney for burning to make brick. Coals are used for burning. The brick has to be reddish. Five to seven days after the fire is put off bricks are taken out for selling.

Marketing :

Contractors take the brick from brickfield. It is sold in thousand

Ability :

Before setting up a brickfield one must be aware of legal obligations. He also has to be aware of full process of manufacturing brick.

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