22 March, 2019
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for every working parent, it is a good choice to keep their babies.

Investment : 200000 Taka To 500000Taka
Profits :

Tk 20, 000 to Tk 30, 000 can be made monthly.

Benefits :

It has demand in cities. In addition, there is no unnecessary charge after the primary investment.

How to do:

At first, a suitable place has to be selected. Necessary permission letters have to be gathered prior to begin any other investment. Then, the centre has to be decorated colorfully. Places for sleeping, games and study have to be decorated carefully so that they attract the kids. Some trained governess and doctors have to be appointed to manage the centre. Finally, the monthly charge and other features have to be fixed before going for the advertisement.

Marketing :

Usually working mothers keep their kids at day care centre.

Ability :

Run the centre with a specific guideline.  The security of kids have to be ensured

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