22 March, 2019
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Supplying housemaid and governess to look after the children and the h

Investment : 200000 Taka To 500000Taka
Profits :

A monthly income of Tk 20,000 to 40,000 can be made.

How to do:

At first carefully selecting the space for office, the license must be collected. After collecting the license, employee must be appointed for the management who collect the news of the people from different districts who want to work as house staff and governess. After collecting the people, they must be given general training. To be governess, much training is needed. Then making the advertisements, the management must start their works to supply these people.

Marketing :

The citizens of residential area are the customers of this business. Besides, to take care of children and aged people, housemaid and governess are needed.

Ability :

The biggest qualification for running the business is arranging trustworthy persons. Creating specific rules and regulations, the employee should be given training.

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