13 December, 2019
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Publishing DVD of song, dance and drama series

Investment : 4000000 Taka To 5000000Taka
Profits :

If a DVD of a good singer can be published it alone will give a return of Tk 50 lakh to one crore

Benefits :

The entertainment flow can be continued. Some new talents also can be given exposures. If one invest without realising the modern trends there is risk of suffering loss.


How to do:

For a publication organisation three teams will be needed. Initially in the designer team one person, distribution team 6-7 persons and marketing team one person have to be appointed.  Dancing to the tune of modern tone and keeping the demand of audience in the mind there could be some agreements with singers for publication of CD and DVD.  If market is not monitored with utmost care the risk of loss increase in this business.

Marketing :

It has a countrywide market. The product can be supplied to CD and DVD shops.

Ability :

one must know what type of song public listen and which subject they prefer. Moreover one must have some soft corner for healthy and harmless entertainment.

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