13 December, 2019
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Tea/ Coffee

Investment : 20000 Taka To 50000Taka
Profits :

A daily income of Tk 15,00 to Tk 2,000 is possible

How to do:

This business can be run by employee if someone is reluctant to do it himself. Most of us know how to make tea. The making process of coffee is also same.  Once liquor, milk and sugar are mixed with boiled water the job is complete.

Marketing :

A tea shop can be opened at places where public gathering is usually high.  A man drinks three to five cups of tea on average daily. So customers himself come to the shop.  If it can be kept clean there will be no short of customers. For a change there could be tea made by date molasses. Anything new always attracts people.

Ability :

It is mostly service-oriented so good mannerism is essential.  If one can win the heart of a customer, he will repeatedly visit the shop.

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